” Citizenship has never faced as great a challenge in fifty years. As we step back and consider the rage, the violence, the hate, and the denial of basic humanity and dignity that those who invaded Charlottesville displayed on August 11 and 12, we have to recognize the urgency. This imperfect republic has struggled for 241 years to be more perfect, and the expansion of the definition and responsibilities of citizenship have been at the core. Now we find ourselves moving backward, deepening divisions, denying the basic worthiness of our neighbors. To save this republic we must chart a path forward to inclusive and expansive citizenship. To do that we must generate norms and forums that can unite us. Our current forums — especially Facebook — only fracture and deepen our inability to recognize and value our fellow citizens. If we really want to quash violence over the long term, fostering a spirit of engaged citizenship is the only way.” 

— Siva Vaidhyanathan, Director of the Center for Media and Citizenship

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